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Hot and Sweet Combo- Purple Haze and Dirty Blonde Hot Sauce

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Hot and Sweet Combo- Purple Haze and Dirty Blonde. Get the best of Ric Orlando's Ric-ter Scale complexity. Purple Haze and Dirty Blonde are both totally unique in the market- THESE ARE NOT JUST HOT FOR HOT'S SAKE SHOCK SAUCES. There are serious layers of flavor going on, balancing sweet, hot, sour and aromatic. Use them as condiments, ingredients and basting sauces too! These are so good, once you try them you'll be back for more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carmen Natalie
Keep these on hand...always!

This combo is the best! I make sure to never run out, and dinner guests are always delighted at the subtle nuances of layered flavors! Enough heat to excite, but not enough to deaden taste buds. Both are perfect!

Martha McFadden
Love them

These are 2 fantastic, tasty sauces!

mike shirk
Simply the best sauce around!

unique flavor profile, enough heat & enough sweet/savory ,you have to try it to believe, dirty blond wings are amazing!

John Blatz

Finished off my last bottle of The Haze by emptying it onto a large bowl of chili. Wow! I’m a fan of my own chili anyway, but this really took it over the top. I love the flavor of purple haze. I’m about to make a pot of Chile Verde pork stew. I think I will dress it up a little with some Dirty Blonde. Can’t wait!

Wayne Satterlee

Love them all extremly tasty and im a tast junkie so I highly recomend all three products from this order. My sencond order of the two sauces.

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