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Trini Daddy Caribbean Hot Mustard Sauce

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Trini Daddy Caribbean Hot Mustard Sauce / 8.35 oz medicine bottle 

Back in the day, long before the internet, I met a Trinidadian guy named Badassie in Bed-Stuy. He turned me on the the magic of “Yellow” Sauce, or Caribbean hot mustard sauce. My first Yellow sauce love was Lottie's from Barbados! I have decided it was the time market my own version!

Yea, this is GREAT on hot dogs, but it is also addictive on anything from stews to soups to rice dishes to fish to cheese sandwiches. Use your imagination like a good TRINI DADDY! 

Ric-ter Scale Rating 6.5

INGREDIENTS: water, habanero pepper, onion, mustard, corn starch, sugar, white vinegar, salt, spices, ascorbic acid


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